Photo by Myrna Loy Photography

Photo by Myrna Loy Photography


I love landscapes, night-scapes and sunsets.
I’m a night-owl and a light sleeper.
I co-parent a bratty cat with Sarah.

  • Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorite animes.

  • The Cure & Tycho are one of my favorite bands.

  • It takes me 4-5 business days to reply on social media… Sarah tags me on something and I won’t respond til 4 days later.

  • I’m not social media savvy and I’m ok with that.

  • I’ve been craving for Mosas’ Burgers for 3 and 1/2 years now… I’m waiting until Sarah finally gets cravings for it.



We love to celebrate love. It’s so easy because we’re both in love and our relationship inspires and fuels us. We love connecting with our couples and families during sessions. We don’t just bark commands, we ask questions and we always make sure that the photographs we take reflect our couples’ + families’ personalities and their stories.

We want people to look at our images and feel the warmth and the carefree emotions our clients evoke in the images we share.



I love connecting + taking photos of people.
I’m an introvert so I lose energy after weddings.
Our cat is passive-aggressive with me. She prefers Dave over me… She’s a brat.

  • Disney’s Tangled, Legally Blonde and Constantine are my absolute favorite films.

  • I love podcasts!!!

  • My Chemical Romance is my heart and soul.

  • Dave and I have seen Paramore, Bruno Mars, Panic! at the Disco, Air Supply, Aj Rafael, Magic! Kawehi live and we’re continuously adding more.

  • We’re at this Korean restaurant named CHOWON every month.


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