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Sarah is brilliant, easy to work with, patient and very flexible!
— Dannah

Tell your story

with photographs with the people you love.

When I (Sarah) was a kid, I loved flipping through family albums especially since my family is quite huge and there are gaps between my siblings and I. I love looking at what my parents did before the kids, love looking at the adventures my family did before I came along, and I love looking at how small and how annoyingly weird that I hardly smiled in my photos. Photography is one of the ways you can tell a story. It is one of the tools many people utilize since the invention of cameras.

The way we approach family photography is about making it look natural. We want it different from studio photography, we want to tell a story with how you interact with each other because this will be a tool to show a moment in your lifetime. Booking a family session maybe a luxury but we’ll make it feel like it’s an investment!

Our sessions are curated to make kids laugh and to give them a safe space to be silly while documenting who they are currently, to give parents a moment to act like high school sweethearts, to give families a break from their screens to enjoy the outdoors and to enjoy each other, to make everyone feel natural and beautiful.

Guam Family & Lifestyle Photographer

frequently asked questions

+ I just need 1 nice photo, could I get a custom quote?

Unfortunately, we do not do custom quotes as all our Portrait packages are made having our time in mind. Besides giving you an experience different from photography studios, our packages pay our business expenses and our time ;) The time we use to email/message our clients, time to edit a session, and time to drive. You, as our wonderful client, pay for our service to worry about posing everybody to look good, pay us to edit your images and pay us to hold a camera and you're finally going to be in these ones without worry!

+ Do you charge more for extended families?

We do. On top of the Perfect Pixel package, you will be paying a $15 fee per person after the 8th person that the package covers. Why? Because herding and posing more than 8 people can get reaaaaally hectic and it eats up time in the session. When we take photos of extended families, we do breakdowns from the nuclear family to smaller families within the big group.

+ Do you provide props? Can we bring props?

We don't provide props and the only prop we will provide is a blanket. You are welcome to bring props to your session; however, we recommend 1-2 props.


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What we offer

Our packages include a minimum of editing images that will be delivered through an online gallery. If you wish to purchase prints, you may do so through the gallery server. We only offer two packages for our Family & Lifestyle Portrait Sessions as we believe that every family has their different needs. For extended families, we only offer Perfect Pixel.

Guam Family & Lifestyle Photographer


30 Minutes at 1 Location
Online Gallery - Minimum of 20 Edited Images
(only available to families of 6)

Guam Family & Lifestyle Photographer

Perfect PIXEL @ $450

1 Hour at 1 Location
Online Gallery - Minimum of 40 Edited Images
(covers up to 8 people in the family; extra people are $15/per person)
(1) 16 x 20 Canvas Print

We love our photos! You were so patient with my large family!
— Michele

Guam Family & Lifestyle Photographer


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Guam Family & Lifestyle Photographer

Booking a session maybe be a luxury service but the photographs you will keep are always priceless.

Guam Family & Lifestyle Photographer
Guam Family & Lifestyle Photographer
Guam Family & Lifestyle Photographer