Tanguissan Beach, Guam Couple Photographer - Jennifer + Mack

Jennifer and Mack are a wonderful couple who was our first session for the year 2018. They became my guinea pigs for new poses I wanted to re-create as I have seen them online or on pinterest. At one point of the session, we were all cracking up because of how hilarious these two were! Mack's humor was identical to D's that I couldn't help but stop mid-way shooting to wipe away the tears.

Jennifer and Mack met in a community theatre production of the Wizard of Oz. Mack was a stage hand and Jennifer was a tree. Jennifer loves Mack's determination to always follow through and strive for the best and never fails to make her laugh. Mack loooooves Jennifer's smile and how it brightens the darkest room. And maybe that's why throughout the session, Mack kept making Jennifer laugh (if you saw their full gallery, Jennifer is always sporting the cutest grin because Mack is always saying something funny to make her laugh. It's so freakin' cute!) 

Here are their favorites! 

This is a new thing we'll be asking our clients, their favorite Netflix shows, TV Shows, movies, etc:

1. Doctor Who
2. Shameless
3. Harry Potter
4. Snowpiercer
5. Top Gear


Shooting with SJ was so easy and relaxed. She had so many great poses and welcomed any extra ideas we had. We were able to joke around which always helps personality shine through and SJ knew just how to capture it!
— Jennifer & Mack