Guam Elopement Photography: Tagachang Beach, N + A

Nicole and Andrew traveled thousands of miles to elope on the beautiful island of Guam. Nicole was born on Guam and it’s so heartwarming to know that she still considers this island her home. It was emotional for Nicole and Andrew to elope on Guam for a few things:

  • This is Andrew’s first time on Guam

  • It was just them, the 21 Pixels team and her father’s friend to officiate the wedding

  • She hasn’t been back in years to Guam

Nicole and Andrew planned their elopement on Guam for months and when the day finally came… It was a beautiful, beautiful blue day with an amazing sunset show to end their day. We ran a little bit late for ceremony but we manage to find a spot down south to catch the sunset - all thanks to Dave! We stopped by a small section near the road and walked down a path somewhere in Malesso. And oh boy, oh boy… It was gorgeous and it was a welcoming and a congratulations to Nicole and Andrew from Guam!

Play their slideshow or scroll for some images - we hope you enjoy!